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Super seed crackers.


Join our cracker revolution! Expect more from your crackers! These Super Seed Crackers are way more than just a vehicle to transport guac, hummus or cheese. They are a snacktastic way to get great nutrition.
Here’s why I’m in love:
- No artificial flavors or preservatives. Check.
- Vegan & gluten-free. Check.
- 4x the protein of standard crackers. Check.
- Super high in fiber. Check.
- Excellent source of iron & calcium. Check.

Best of all…absolutely NO culinary skills required …just measure, stir, bake & slice.
PS: The recipe also includes a seasoning adjustment in case you want them to taste more like “Cool Ranch.” How fun is that?!!

Get crackin’! Full recipe HERE.

Healthy habit add-on.


Want to start a new healthy habit like:
…weekly grocery shopping?
…drinking more water?
…snacking on more vegetables?

Get into a healthy groove as easy as 1-2-3…
1) Find a habit you ALREADY do.
2) Add-on a NEW habit to the usual one.
3) Repeat! Repetition helps the new habit stick.

My Goal: Make more green drinks w/ my new juicer.
Habit Add-On: I automatically make coffee every morning. So, I added-on making a green juice along side my usual AM brewing routine. Next morning, repeat!

Think of your current habits as a WAVE that will help carry your new healthy behavior.

[Image on left: Instagram. Follow me @djblatner.]

Bread is good.

So many people are anti-bread these days. Not me. I just try to choose my loaf wisely.

Research shows certain types of bread provide extra special health benefits. These two rise above the rest:

1) Sourdough Bread
Research: Maintains lower blood sugar.
Fav Recipe: Kale Bruschetta.
How To: Sauté finely chopped kale in oil & garlic, mix with favorite hummus & spread on thin sourdough baguette slices.

2) Sprouted Whole Grain Bread
Research: Improves digestibility.
Fav Recipe: Toaster Croutons.
How To: Toast bread, cut into cubes & toss on a salad.

Gotta be gluten free? No problem. Email me & I’ll share some of my fav GF brands.



You’d invite people over for dinner more often if cooking wasn’t so much work, right?! Well, I have a simple solution for you…
Here are my 4 go-to recipes + signature drink for a healthy, high-style and pretty darn easy dinner party! Now go on, get social! 
(Click hyperlinks for recipes!)
1) Nibbles: Vegan Snack Board
2) Salad/Veggie Dip: Cashew Ranch Dressing
3) Main: Roasted Tomatoes & White Beans 
    (Serve w/ toasted bread or quinoa pasta)
4) Treat: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn
5) Drink: Coconut Lemonade
    (Coconut water w/ fresh squeezed lemons)

Fancy fruit desserts.

Fancy Fruit Thumbnail
Consider this your savvy cheat sheet to total sweet tooth satisfaction!
We’ve all heard this advice…”If you want something sweet, grab a piece of fruit.” Well…I say fooie to that. When I’m looking for dessert, a plain apple just ain’t gonna cut it.
So in comes my solution: Fancy Fruit Desserts.  Sweet treats that combine fruit + fun flare. The line-up: Cookies, apple crisp, broiled banana split, nice cream, chocolate cherry shake and more.
Each naturally nourishing dessert has just 3 ingredients less than 150 calories. Sweet!

Click HERE for the full infographic.

Vegan tortilla soup.

Final_Vegan Tortilla Soup

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Many people are craving corned beef & cabbage, but…
I’m in the mood for Tortilla Soup! Paired with a Guinness, of course.

Don’t worry – this recipe brings in plenty of the holiday’s green-theme with avocado, cilantro, lime and the secret ingredient KALE.

You gotta make this soup. It’s better than finding a 4-leaf clover or a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Lucky you! 

Get the recipe HERE.