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Multitask with cinnamon.

cinn lips

If you only take cinnamon off the spice rack to spice up your morning oats, you are ‘SRSLY’ missing out. 

Aside from being awesome at sustaining your energy mojo and improving cholesterol, cinnamon can be used to cut back on sugar &  enhance your natural beauty.

Here are 3 ways to put cinnamon to work:
1. Natural lip plumper. Channel your inner Angelina by dipping your finger in coconut oil & then into ground cinnamon. Massage mixture on your lips for a minute. Wipe or lick it off. Reapply a little oil & enjoy fuller lips.

2. Sugar swap. Hold it. Don’t put sweetener in your coffee. Instead stir in 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon. Also great to sweeten up smoothies!

3. Breath freshener. Cinnamon’s antibacterial properties keep your mouth fresh. Keep a few cinnamon tea bags in your purse or desk so you can make a cup anytime you need to eliminate evidence of meal. 

Sea Cakes


Get your seaweed on!

Sea cake [see-keyk]; noun.
1. a vegan, gluten-free, high-fiber version of a traditional crab cake. The star ingrdient: nori seaweed.
2. crab cake, hold the crabby.

Nori seaweed, best known for holding sushi rolls together, is easy to find in the Asian section of most grocery stores. Research suggests that mineral-rich nori has anti-inflammatory & immune boosting properties. 

– Make a batch of sea cakes in under 20 minutes. 
– Serve them on spring greens w/ lemon & tartar or cocktail sauce. 

Get the full recipe! Click HERE.



What 1 thing should always be in a healthy fridge? Without a doubt it’s washed & ready leafy greens

Arugula, baby spinach, kale mix, spring greens, 
shredded cabbage, romaine…stock up! Leafy greens are real miracle workers for health & weight. You can use them for salads, but my favorite way to use them is as a GREEN BASE.

GREEN BASE = Put greens in a bowl & then put whatever you are going to eat on top. Done.

This week (& beyond), aim to put almost anything you eat on a GREEN BASE. My favs:
- Pasta: Put hot noodles on greens to wilt perfectly
- Pizza: Cut pizza into squares & use as croutons
- Tacos: Turn taco night into taco salad night
- Steak & potatoes: Top greens w/dinner classics
- BBQ meats: Combine sweet BBQ+bitter greens, yes!
- Chinese takeout: Dump 1/2 your usual on the greens

Everyday peanut sauce.


Listen, without a sauce, you just have a pile of vegetables. With a sauce you turn that pile into a crave-worthy meal or snack.

This sauce is low drama & can be made in seconds. The key is using seasoned brown rice vinegar, which is just a mild vinegar w/ a sweet & salty balance from grape juice concentrate & sea salt.

The recipe:
- 1 part natural creamy peanut butter
- 1 part seasoned brown rice vinegar 
- pinch of cayenne pepper
- warm water (add as much or as little as you’d like to get the consistency you want)

Stir the ingredients together & try the sauce as a:
Veggie dip. Pair w/ carrots, broccoli & peapods.
Salad dressing. Toss w/ shredded cabbage or spinach.
Marinade. Coat tofu, tempeh or chicken & grill/bake.
Simmer sauce. Stir-fry w/ veggies & serve on brown rice topped w/ chopped peanuts & green onion.

Mix a batch of sauce in a mason jar & refrigerate for ready-to-use goodness.

Wild child & health nut.


Inside of you there are TWO people.

There is the WILD CHILD who wants to eat greasy pizza all day & just live it up. Naughty!


There is the HEALTH NUT who wants to eat kale all day & take amazing care of your body. Nice!

The struggle of all dieters is the fight between their wild child desires and their health nut sensibilities. 

If you eat to please just your wild child you won’t be healthy, thin or fabulous. But, if you eat to please just your health nut you’ll feel diety & deprived. Oh, what to do? Answer: Don’t pick a side! It’s not pizza OR kale, it’s some pizza AND kale. 

Try This: Before you eat, check in with BOTH your inner wild child & health nut. At each meal, aim to add a little something to please BOTH of them. It is the secret to a balanced & healthy relationship with food!

Convenient coconut oil cubes.


Coconut oil has some potential benefits in & on the body. It may decrease belly fat in exercisers and it’s a powerful hair conditioner & skin moisturizer.

But here’s the issue: It’s messy. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so it’s often a pain to scrape it out of the jar & then once you melt it, it gets so drippy down the side of the jar. 

SOLUTION: Make COCONUT OIL CUBES! They are mess-free & portion-controlled! 

How to make cubes:
1) Liquify. Put coconut oil jar in warm water so it turns liquid (melting point = 76 degrees F).
2) Measure. Put a HALF tablespoon into each cube of an ice cube tray. Note: Flexible silicone trays work best.
3) Freeze. Pop tray in the freezer for 5 mins to set.
4) Store. Remove the cubes & keep them in a container in the fridge until you need a single-serving of coconut oil. They are 60 calories each.

Top 10 uses for coconut oil cubes:
- Coffee (use in place of creamer)
- Cinnamon toast spread (use in place of butter)
- Smoothies (use to add a creamy boost)
- Homemade granola (use in place of usual oil)
- Stir-fry recipes (use in place of usual oil)
- Stove-top popcorn (use in place of usual oil)
- Pan/cookie sheets (coat bakeware to prevent sticking)
- Conditioner (warm in hands & put in hair pre-shower)
- Makeup remover (warm in hands to take off makeup)
- Moisturizer (warm in hands & massage into skin)