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Boost your attractiveness.

kale bikini 3

Guilty. I used to love a good suntan – I was no stranger to tanning booths or baby oil. Now I’m older & wiser so I understand that too much sun can lead to age spots, wrinkles & skin cancer. No thank you.

But is there anything more attractive than a sun-kissed glow? Heck YES there is! 

In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that eating fruits and vegetables makes your skin color MORE attractive than a suntan. All compliments of yellow pigments in produce called carotenoids. These pigments actually tint your skin a golden, healthy hue. Aim for >3 cups of produce daily for at least 6 weeks for the best effect.

Boost your attractiveness by eating more orange produce & leafy greens:

Password power.


Almost everything requires a password. To make it “strong”, we come up with something so unique that it feels like mental gymnastics trying to remember it! [Example: pet name + birth date + $]

WOW Challenge: Change your passwords to motivating health mantras. 

Think about it. You gotta type passwords into your gadgets all day long. This is the perfect opportunity to get a regular dose of healthy inspiration. Get creative using numbers and symbols for stronger security.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Eat>Greens (eat more greens)
  • DrinkT@PM (drink tea in the afternoon)
  • LungesB4Bed (lunges before bed)

Check out the image to the left for more ideas.
Access granted!

Healthnut crave guide.


Even hardcore healthnuts get snacky cravings for junk! No biggie. There are plenty of superfoods that can satisfy cravings, while doing your body good. Read on, my healthnut friends…

Six simple swaptastic snacks:
1) Pretzels –> Raw nuts
(same crunch w/ protein, fiber & healthy fat)

2) Starburst –> Dried mango (no added sugar)
(same chewy sweetness w/ 20 extra vitamins & minerals)

3) Chocolate candy bar –> Cocoa nibs & unsweetened coconut flakes
(same chocolaty goodness w/ fiber, minerals & zero sugar.)

4) Soda –> Sparkling water w/ shot of 100% juice
(same carbonation w/ powerful antioxidants)

5) Ice cream –> Frozen banana slices w/ unsweetened cocoa powder
(same cool creaminess w/ all the healthfulness of fresh fruit)

6) Chips –> Roasted flavored garbanzo beans
(same crunch w/ a dose of plant-protein & fiber)

Chia breakfast bowl.


Are you stuck in an oatmeal & yogurt rut? Change it up with….Cha-cha-cha-chia!

Chia seeds soaked in almond milk turn into a pudding-like delight for a quick breakfast on the go. This powerhouse pudding is fully loaded with fiber (3x more than oatmeal), protein (as much as in an egg), mood-boosting omega-3′s and skin-smoothing vitamin E.

You can shake up 1/4 cup chia + 3/4 cup milk in a glass container (like a small mason jar), add toppings & run out the door. It will be ready to eat in 20 min. Or you can make a bigger batch & keep covered in the fridge for the week.

Check out the Chia Pudding recipe (plus tasty topping ideas) HERE.

Fitness reframe.


“…I’m gonna have just a little more dessert tonight because I did exercise this morning.”

“…You know, I normally wouldn’t eat that chocolate candy, but I did exercise today so I’ll have a little.”

Does that sound familiar? Exercisers often give themselves food rewards for their efforts… which in the end can add up & sabotage weight loss efforts.

Good news – You can outsmart this scenario!
Research found that when people viewed their workout as “FUN” instead of “EXERCISE” they didn’t seek out extra goodies.

Lesson: When you reframe healthy behaviors as “FUN” they won’t seem like hard work. So, how can you flip one of your inner scripts to turn healthy into more fun this week?

Permission to play.


I get this question all of the time:
“What can I eat to feel more young & energetic?”

Of course a healthy diet can make you feel vibrant, BUT you also need to add PLAY to the recipe.

Stuff like jumping rope, skipping & hopscotch can:
-    Add more joy
-    Relieve stress
-    Supercharge creativity
-    Keep you feeling youthful & energized

WOW Challenge: Play! Do something this week you remember loving as a kid.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw