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Super Bowl Superfoods.

cauliflower kick off

Are you ready for some football?!

Football fan or not, Super Bowl Sunday is THE most popular television event of the year & the 2nd largest eating day of the year (Thanksgiving is the 1st).

Enjoy chips, dips, pizza & sweets… SUPERFOOD-style! Here’s a game plan to supercharge your couch-time this Sunday.

– Buffalo Hummus
– Vegan Tortilla Soup

Half Time
– Superfood Griddle Pizza

3rd Quarter
– Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn

Bring it home.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 8.16.28 AM

“Oh, that recipe looks good.
What the hell is that ingredient?
Ah, forget it – I’m not gonna make the recipe.”

Sound familiar? Hey, not trying a recipe because an ingredient isn’t familiar is preventing you from getting to your next level of health awesomeness.

Take this week’s WOW Challenge: 
Find an inspiring recipe with at least one unfamiliar, healthy ingredient… then BRING THOSE INGREDIENTS HOME!

Chipotles in Adobo: Try THIS delicious soup.
Raw Cashews: Try THIS ranch dressing
Seaweed: Try THIS vegan crab cake
Medjool Dates: Try THIS chocolate truffle

Practice delicious monotony.

breakfast dinner

Spending hours on meal planning and grocery shopping sets you up to feel overwhelmed and leads to inaction. Forget that drama. It’s time to simplify. 

Let me introduce you to what I call: Delicious Monotony.

What it is: Choose just a few meals you love. Repeat them over and over until you get tired of them.

Why: Researchers have found when you have too many choices, it whittles away at your willpower and leads to poor decisions. Delicious monotony simplifies your meal choices and leads to healthier eating.

Do this: Pick just 2 breakfast recipes and 3 dinner recipes for the week. You can eat leftovers from dinner for lunch. Shop for the ingredients for only 5 total recipes & enjoy just these recipes for the week. This saves you from coming up with a million new things to eat. When you get tired of these meals after a week or two, just swap in a few new ones.

Monotony, yes. Delicious, yes. Simple, yes.

Goal + joy = success.


While we are still revved up on all of the possibilities a new year can bring, make this your 2015 theme (it’s what I’m personally working on this year, too):

Wherever you want to succeed, add JOY.

Up the fun factor and you will up the positive outcomes. Here are a few scenarios.

Goal #1: I want to feel healthier & eat better.
Joy Add-On: Buy a colorful salad bowl that will make you smile every time you eat your greens.

Goal #2: I want to cook more at home.
Joy Add-On: Create an upbeat playlist to turn your kitchen into a concert venue.

Goal #3: I want to get in shape.
Joy Add-On: Create or buy a playful workout t-shirt (like this).

Resolution chop-up.

calendar reminder

We’re just days away from 2015 and all the fresh possibilities it brings.

Keep this in mind as the ball drops…

Resolutions fizzle out for 2 reasons:
1) We pick stuff that is overwhelming.
2) We pick stuff that isn’t fun.
How to make inspired resolutions:
Forget the one big, looming resolution that’s the same for 365 days. Instead, chop up your resolution into 12 different, monthly actions. Pick the action each month by asking yourself: What do I “want” to do instead of what “should” I do. This word shift is powerful.
 Set a reminder on the 1st of each month in your calendar now. #inspiredaction.

Date spiced hot cocoa.

date spiced hot cocoa

The holidays are a busy time. We rush to meet end-of-year deadlines, attend parties and focus on finding the perfect gifts.

Let’s take a moment to remember the real reason for the season. 

Slow down, breathe in the holiday love & cheer, put on some slippers and cozy up w/ a good-for-you spiced hot cocoa made with superfoods. 

Get the soul-warming recipe HERE.